david payne 21.
from shrewsbury, UK.

studying visual communication

available for commissions;
design, illustration & photography.
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For one of my Final Major Projects I produced an identity and various graphics for a restaurant in Wem. I wanted to create something modern and unique but with a strong link to the Shropshire market town. After some research it came apparent that Sweet Peas had a strong link to Wem; the first modern Sweet Peas were cross-bred in the town back in 1887and they hold the annual Wem Sweet Pea Festival.

Looking at various ways to use the Sweet Pea in the visuals, I thought it would be best to get hold of some real Sweet Peas to work directly from, for photographing, drawing, pressing, etc. But as they were out of season they were very hard to come by!

After many Google searches and emails with no luck, I came across Sweet Peas Direct offering fresh cut Sweet Peas out of season. After explaining I was a Visual Communication student and what I needed, the very kind guys at Sweet Peas Direct sent me out a great variety of flowers at no cost at all!

Here are some of the visual outcomes from the Sweet Peas sent to me from Sweet Peas Direct:


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George Little logo and album artwork design

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environmental graphics

environmental graphics

Pineapple mug.

Pineapple mug.

Christmas Card design for Uni3D type made from wire, foil and wrapping paper attached to a fir tree :)

Christmas Card design for Uni
3D type made from wire, foil and wrapping paper attached to a fir tree :)

getting in the christmas spirit

getting in the christmas spirit

EE comp entry to win tickets to Glastonbury

recreate glastobury act’s album cover

Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions